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Should I Sell My House for Cash or Hire a Realtor?

Getting a house ready for the market is an exhaustive process, and can feel like you need more time than there is in the day to get everything done. A Realtor can help make things simpler, but the fees quickly add up. Before you know it, you’re not getting near what you had hoped for. There should be a way to sell your house fast in Des Moines without a Realtor, right?

That’s where Sell Now Iowa comes in. Want to sell your house fast for cash in Des Moines? As your local cash buyer, we offer a low-stress process that can turn your headache into a smooth and profitable transaction. We buy homes for cash based on the knowledge and expertise of our team of real estate experts.

Cash home buyers in Des Moines can be a great option for relieving the unexpected costs of real estate (4 Ways to Tell if Home-Buying Companies are Legitimate). Serious repairs, foreclosure and other financial concerns are traded for a convenient cash transaction that gives you a fair value for your house. If that sounds like a good deal, call Sell Now Iowa at 515-531-2274 today!

Advantages of Selling Your House for Cash Over Using a Traditional Realtor

1. Fast and Fair Cash Offers

When working with a Realtor, it could be weeks before your house is ready to be put on the market. There’s staging, paperwork, and a seemingly endless number of meetings. And even when the Realtor says the house is “ready,” there’s no guarantee other buyers will be interested. Any number of small hiccups can convince potential buyers to walk away.

We buy houses for cash because you deserve a guarantee. Within 24 hours of our no-pressure consultation, you’ll receive a 100% cash offer on your home. We collaborate with real estate professionals with years of experience. They have the skills to evaluate your house and market trends to produce a fair offer for your house.

It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: not all cash buyers are equal. A lot of buyers talk the talk, but don’t have the proper cash funds to actually close when they say they will unless they find another investor to partner with (or reassign your contract to). In this case, you’ll have a whole new set of headaches.

2. No Closing Costs or Surprise Fees

You may not know how much working with a Realtor costs until a sale is final. Between fees, closing costs and other expenses of the real estate market, you’re losing out on more money than you first thought.

Sell Now Iowa guarantees a simple cash offer without unexpected fees. It’s backed with proof of funds and in-house closing assistance to ensure the process is as stress-free as possible. We buy houses for cash in Des Moines without the Realtor, cutting out the middleman and putting money right in your pocket. Again, it’s not like that with all cash buyers. ;-)

3. Avoid Pressure and Preparations

When you are trying to sell your house, it can be frustrating when someone tries to tell you what to do. Aggressive or high-pressure sales tactics makes things even worse, especially when there’s extra work to be done. Extensive repairs or problems with the bank can feel overwhelming. Selling a house for cash in Des Moines shouldn’t be that way.

A no-pressure, no-obligation cash buyer like Sell Now Iowa takes on all the hassle. If repairs are necessary, we’ll take care of them. This is because we understand that there are many good reasons to prefer a fast sale without all the bells and whistles. And with Sell Now Iowa, you could wrap things up in just two to four weeks.

Speaking of pressure, if other cash buyers ever pressure you to sign documents before you’re comfortable, that’s a big red flag that something is up.

Turn Your Real Estate Headache into Cash with Sell Now Iowa

If you want to streamline selling your house for cash in Des Moines, Sell Now Iowa is the best place to make it happen. We employ a team of friendly, knowledgeable real estate pros to help us draft a reasonable offer. You can count on us for quality support every step of the way.

To sell your house fast in Des Moines, call us today at 515-531-2274.