We focus on inbound marketing which means we put our ads out there and wait. Once you’re ready, give us a call or fill out our webform. If you choose to fill out a webform, we’ll give you call. Our phone team will ask questions about the property you want to sell (location, condition, etc). Then we will set up a time that works for you for our team to visit the property.


During the first appointment, you’ll meet with a team member to discuss your unique situation. We will gather details regarding the property itself. Upon seeing the whole picture, we will discuss the variety of options you may have.

  • Short, low-stress meeting at the property
  • Quick property walk-through
  • Photos
  • Discussion of options


After the appointment, our team returns to the office to begin crunching numbers. Within 24 hours, you will receive our no-obligation offer which includes our one-of-a-kind guarantee. The team is always a phone call or email away to answer any additional questions or concerns.

  • No-obligation offer within 24 hours of the first appointment
  • Includes accurate valuation and professional analysis
  • Frequent communication
  • Time and space to decide on the best option (no rush, no pressure)


If the offer is accepted and signed, the team will quickly and efficiently begin preparing for closing. This includes ordering abstract and title opinion. In the case of title defects, we will do our best to work with you to get the title cleared and ready for closing.

  • Abstract and title opinion ordered
  • Work together to clear any possible title defects
  • Regular communication and updates
  • Set the closing date
  • We prepare legal paperwork


When closing day arrives, the team will have everything in order so that we can close the transaction with ease. You will have another chance to review the legal documents before signing and we will be right there to answer any questions. After closing, we would appreciate your feedback and a quick testimonial.

  • Sign the legal documents
  • Provide feedback and a testimonial
  • We will continue to stay in touch!

Still Have Questions?

How do you guarantee closing?

We guarantee closing on every offer we make. This is easily done because our team gets to know the seller, researches the property, understands current market trends, and has cash ready to close.

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What are the fees?

When you choose to sell your property to us, we will cover the abstract update, title opinion, as well as closing costs. You will be responsible to pay any transfer tax as well as prorated property taxes. Since property taxes are paid a year behind in Iowa. We will need to prorate the current taxes. You will only pay for taxes for the time you owned the property.

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How fast will it close?

Once the offer is accepted and signed, we order the abstract update and a title opinion. If any title defects are found, we work with you to resolve them. Once the title is cleared, we set a closing date and begin preparing the legal closing documents. Closing date is usually 2-4 weeks from the time the offer is signed.

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House Buying & Selling FAQs
Sell Now Iowa
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Clare&Brandon AndrewsClare&Brandon Andrews
18:24 12 Jul 24
Rebecca HillRebecca Hill
01:36 17 May 24
Sell Now Iowa simplifies home selling and buying. They were honest, timely, and had very knowledgeable staff. They assisted in the simultaneous sell and purchase of my two homes. If you want a fast, dependable sale, Sell Now Iowa is your source. Friendly, professional, and dependable.
dace millerdace miller
16:29 02 May 24
After consulting with realtor I decided to see to sell Now Iowa, could not be happier! So easy to work with, Thank you Sell Now Iowa!
Michael CarlsonMichael Carlson
02:19 30 Apr 24
The Sell Now Iowa team helped my mother sell her house, and they were excellent to work with. They were prompt, respectful, and transparent. They provided several options with a clear explanation of each, and allowed my mother to respond and schedule the closing on her own time. The whole process was very easy and straight-forward. We couldn't be happier!
Waleed AlobaediWaleed Alobaedi
14:48 13 Mar 24
Sell Now Iowa is a great option for homeowners and businesses owners who want to sell their property and looking to get the most money for their property. They offer a quick and easy closing process with a team of experienced professionals highly recommended them solid choice for homeowners and business owners looking to get the most cash. Their streamlined process and experienced team ensure a smooth closing.
Ezequiel ZimEzequiel Zim
15:13 17 Feb 24
Our experience working with Sell Now Iowa was amazing. Everyone in their team was dedicated to making the experience as easy and stress-free as possible. They made us a fair offer and we were able to close the sale in just 2 weeks time. Everything went smoothly and communication was great throughout the entire process. We were able to clearly see that they cared about us and that they wanted to do the best to help us out in our situation. We can’t thank them enough for everything they did for us and we will recommend them to all our friends and family.
Aquila SlettenAquila Sletten
14:56 18 Jan 24
Very helpful and responsive on the subject matter.
david collogandavid collogan
18:22 16 Dec 23
Our Sell Now Iowa experience was great on all levels. We had a prompt response after I emailed for a consultation. Mitch and Bob are very knowledgeable and helpful. We ended up selling our home FSBO after reviewing our options. Mitch had helpful advice and great contacts that he shared as we successfully sold our home without a realtor. He checked in with us a few times over the next weeks to ensure we had what we needed. I had a great experience and I recommend the Sell Now Iowa team if you are considering selling your home.
Sharon FarrellSharon Farrell
20:10 09 Nov 23
We were very pleased with the entire team. We felt the whole process was kept simple and very satisfied. Erick and Jen treated us with the upmost professional courtesy. We would highly recommend your business to anyone. Thank you for your prompt help.
Traci NeadesTraci Neades
18:01 07 Oct 23
Could not more about our experience, they went above and beyond to make this a seamless process and it was a pleasure to do business with them. We would highly recommend.
Angie DonaheyAngie Donahey
22:51 13 Sep 23
Sell Now Iowa made selling a house so easy.
Carol BrightCarol Bright
16:57 18 Aug 23
Not complicated, easy to understand , family owned! No surprises!
David AndersonDavid Anderson
01:12 10 Aug 23
Couldn't have done better by us. From beginning to end. Wouldn't think twice about giving them another call.
Gina BreitsprecherGina Breitsprecher
15:55 27 Jul 23
Very thorough and efficient.
Amanda UlrichAmanda Ulrich
02:38 30 Jun 23
I heard their commercial on the radio and gave them a call. Mitch got back to me quickly and we made an appointment for him and Bob to stop over at our property.Mitch and Bob made us feel very comfortable. I really appreciated their honesty, how they treated us, and their results.This family has this process down. We enjoyed meeting Erick and Jen as well! You guys have such a great family we really enjoyed the process. Thank you for being honest people and thank you for pulling through exactly what you said you would. We highly recommend this team!
Rod TaylorRod Taylor
17:00 05 May 23
It’s hard to put into words what it feels like to go from believing you are stuck in a house that’s falling apart, and that you have grown to hate, to getting to a place where you feel like someone actually cared about you and wanted to help you get free of your worries. There offer was very acceptable and now we are free of our burdens and ready to start the next chapter in our life. The owners worked with us from start to finish & it’s hard to imagine now, as we look back, going with any other company than this one. I will end this by saying, that I would suggest everyone who’s at least considering selling to reach out to them & hear what they have to say as they do not pressure you into anything.Thanks for everything guys,Rod T
Amy Kenna DavisAmy Kenna Davis
19:07 25 Apr 23
Such a great company to do business with. Right away very comfortable with all walk thrus, offer and closing. They gave us a piece of mind since we had relocated out of state. Highly recommend.
Gale WolkosGale Wolkos
01:23 24 Mar 23
Jen took the time to help me sort out a blunder with the recorders office that was causing me such stress. I had tried over and over to find who to call to fix my problem and constantly hit dead-ends. The team graciously discussed my options and I was treated with the upmost respect through the entire process. The Sell Now Iowa team is truly top notch.
Tammy WoollumsTammy Woollums
00:02 17 Jan 23
Started the process a week ago and I'm closing my house on February 2...You have made this process extremely easy for me I appreciate everything!I have read all of the reviews and I can honestly say everything that has been said is true.Thank you Mitch and team!!
Amy GrossAmy Gross
12:30 14 Jan 23
Mitch is one heck of a human! He cares so much about educating others in all things real estate. My daughter spent a week interning in his office and said that his skills are top-notch. She couldn't say enough good things about Mitch and his team at Sell Now Iowa. If you need to sell a house, I'd highly recommend Mitch and his team at Sell Now Iowa. One of a kind, for SURE!
Andy JAndy J
19:08 12 Jan 23
Complete honesty with NO PRESSURE, as they wanted to bring the best outcome for the homeowner! They quickly responded to any questions and gave invaluable suggestions on improvements that could make the house more marketable (in case I took the house to market instead of selling to them). I fully recommend them to anyone looking to sell their property quickly!
Elke WithersElke Withers
13:08 06 Jan 23
They have this down to a science. It was a painless process to a painful situation. I recommend them for anyone who feels overwhelmed with the idea of selling a home. Even just to call and consult with, they bring a wealth of knowledge and do not pressure you into anything you don’t want or are unsure about. This team including Mitch and Jen were helpful, compassionate and transparent. Would recommend them to my friends and family.
Paul NealPaul Neal
14:28 15 Nov 22
Mitch and his father Bob as well as the rest of the team were very helpful and informative during the process of discussing options for my home. Although the deal wasn’t right for me at this time, there was no pressure from them and they were very helpful.
Brian HartBrian Hart
23:05 18 Aug 22
These comments are from Roger Hart. My experience with Sell Now Iowa was outstanding and they were all very prompt and professional. I would recommend this company to anyone wishing to sell their home in an "as is condition". Mitch and his team were excellent in guiding me through the process and preparing me for what was the next upcoming step. Kudos and many thanks from the Hart family,
Ashley JacksonAshley Jackson
16:41 27 Jun 22
What started out to be a simple sell, snowballed into a massive mess.The team at Sell Now were very patient and professional. Offering help wherever they could. Even offered their own resources to get the deal done.I would definitely recommend their services to anyone looking to sell quickly and for cash!Thanks to Mitch, Bob, Lesa, and the rest of the Sell Now team!
Beverly BrownBeverly Brown
20:32 08 Jun 22
Jake and Bob arriving at my house to look it over was a godsend. I had put my house of for sale at least 3-4x over the last 5-6 years and I kept having to drop the price. This time they saved the day and it was great talking with them. In the office, I met Eric, Leesa, Kelley, and Mitch. They had the paperwork ready for me to sign in a week and I'm closing within 30 days after contact. They paid me a fair price and I'm happy!!! They have a great office over on Meredith too.
Cathy CCathy C
00:17 07 Apr 22
They made the entire process as painless as possible without any high pressure tactics. I felt like I had as much control as I wanted throughout the process and never felt like I was being taken advantage of. Mitch presented me with all of my options some of which did not include Sell Now. I was extremely happy with the way things worked out. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to sell or looking for help with what their next steps might be. Thank you for making things a less stressful for me during an emotional time.
Ken MikesellKen Mikesell
18:58 27 Dec 21
The team at Sell Now Iowa was very professional in visiting with me about marketing my property. Bob and Jake initially met with me for a tour to help obtain information and photos of the home. They were prompt and explained the details of their process and provided a brochure to me. As a follow up, Mitch called and discussed options I could use in marketing the property. The options did not necessarily include using Sell Now Iowa. I appreciated their integrity and assistance in helping me before going forward in this process. Thank you! Kenny
Melissa BaconMelissa Bacon
02:42 08 Nov 21
I sold my house to an investment company, or so I thought. The night before closing I was informed we couldn’t close and because of this they would be paying less and that number kept going down. I knew my house needed work but I was not about to give it away even though I had already moved out and now have two houses to pay for! I reached out to numerous companies and Mitch sent some people out right away to take a look. Mitch made me an offer but listened when I had said I needed more. So instead of walking away he sent another company my way, because he knew they would be able to get me where I needed to be. I will be closing on the sale of my house soon. Even though Sell Now Iowa did not buy my house they did help me in finding the right buyer for my situation. Mitch - Thank you very much for all the help and for checking in on the progress.
marshall sherwoodmarshall sherwood
22:24 07 Nov 21
I have talk to Mitch and he is very knowledgeable hope to do more business in the future
It’s MeIt’s Me
20:58 24 Oct 21
I contacted them to, possibly, sell, and to get an idea of what I’m dealing with. They showed up when they said they would, and, have kept in contact with me, and seem very sincere. When I make the final decision to sell, I will use Mitch!
Matthew GibsonMatthew Gibson
22:37 14 Oct 21
Mitch and his team are great to work with! They are kind and courteous and you can tell they really care about the people they represent!
Jeff NydeggerJeff Nydegger
16:07 30 Aug 21
Getting to know Mitch, his team and his family over the year last year has been a real pleasure of mine. I’ve experienced the inner workings of how they conduct their business but also how they conduct themselves personally, a real class act. I love the fact that they put family first and employ many family members in key roles throughout the organization. I would highly recommend working with Mitch and his team.
Blake SoreanoBlake Soreano
03:51 22 Aug 21
Sell Now Iowa,is the servant leader of the region. They move quick and serve people from a place of honesty and trust. Hard to find these days. Give them a call if you need to sell!
Rashawn LovejoyRashawn Lovejoy
14:40 12 Aug 21
I’ve had a great experience with Sell Now at Coluzzi Construction. They have been very helpful, professional, expedient, and thorough. I greatly appreciate all the help and support through my buying experience.
Ann McCleearyAnn McCleeary
01:55 11 Aug 21
I am grateful to know Mitch and his team at Sell Now Iowa as well as being able to work with them! They are professional, knowledgeable, and caring about helping and taking care of people!Follow up is key and is something they are definitely on top of to make sure people are well taken care of whether in purchasing a home; selling a home; or developing other leaders who work with them.Mitch has helped me grow with knowledge and advice in how to help homeowners in different kinds of situations from probate to tear downs to many other situations.I would recommend Mitch and his team as people to go to for knowledge and advice in how to help homeowners in the best way possible!
dadiram rizaldadiram rizal
00:53 29 Jun 21
Mitch owner of Sell Now Iowa is person of integrity and honesty. Let me tell public first landlords to open housing for first time Serian Refugees. He has heart bigger then state of taxes. Highly recommended to anyone who want to work with him or do business with him. It’s my honored for partnerships. I can’t thank enough for all his work. I’m so blessed to work with such professional personnel in my life-time.