Why Cash Buyers are Better When Selling Your Home

7 Reasons Why Cash Buyers Are Better When Selling Your House

Putting your house on the market can be a stressful process. You have to fix it up, find the right real estate agent and keep it looking good for constant showings. And then you’re constantly hoping it sells quickly and that the sale goes through.

In some instances, selling your house to a cash buyer may be a better option if you need a quick sale. Especially if you’re faced with major repairs, foreclosure or dealing with a parent’s home after they die.

Here are a few advantages of working with an experienced cash home buyer in Des Moines like Sell Now Iowa. Working with our team of experienced real estate professionals is a low-stress, no-pressure experience.

1. No Real Estate Agent Needed

Working with a real estate agent is necessary when selling your home unless you choose to market it yourself. And it can really eat into your profits. On average, agents charge a 5­–6% commission on your home’s sale price.

If you market your home yourself, you may quickly find it’s a lot more work than you thought it was.

2. No Repairs Necessary

In most instances, you’ll need to complete repairs before the sale of your home will go through. These repairs will usually be at your expense. We buy homes for cash in Des Moines, regardless of the repairs that are needed or the property’s condition.

3. Guaranteed Cash Offer Within 24 Hours

We’ll meet during a quick, low-stress meeting, walk through your property and take photos. Then, you’ll receive a no-obligation, 100% cash offer within 24 hours. It’s as easy as that!

4. No Pressure to Sell

We don’t believe in high-pressure sales tactics, so you’ll have plenty of time to think over our offer. We even give you the option to rescind within three days after signing our agreement. We want you to be comfortable with your decision to work with us.

5. No Contingencies

When you sell your home the traditional way, there are often contingencies that can drag out the sale process. Or your buyers may end up walking away for other reasons, like not being able to secure a mortgage, and then you’ll need to start the process all over again. When you work with Sell Now Iowa, there are zero contingencies, and you are guaranteed to close the sale.

6. Fast, Guaranteed Closing

Sell Now Iowa guarantees closing on every offer we make. That’s because we take the time to get to know you, your property and current market trends. We also have the cash ready to close quickly and will provide you with proof of funds. We handle the closing process in-house, so, in most instances, it can be wrapped up in two to four weeks.

7. No Closing Costs

When you sell your home to Sell Now Iowa, we take care of the closing costs, abstract update and title opinion. All you need to pay is the transfer tax and prorated property taxes for the time you owned the property.

Sell Your Home Fast with Sell Now Iowa

There’s a reason why Sell Now Iowa is the most reliable resource when you need to sell your house fast in Des Moines. Our team is made up of experienced and genuine professionals. As your neighbors, we value honesty, respect and open communication. If you’re ready to sell, we’re here to help. Call us at 515-531-2274 to get started today!