We’re the most reliable home solution resource in Iowa for a reason.

Our team is professional, experienced, and most importantly genuine. We strive to create and provide value wherever we can. When you need to sell a home fast, Sell Now Iowa is a great option. After a quick property walk-through, you will receive a no-obligation offer. We also discuss other options you may have depending on the details of your unique property.

Sell Now Iowa Our “Competitors”
Guaranteed Closing Yes. We actually purchase every property we make an offer on. Almost impossible.
Cash to Close We provide a verifiable proof of funds Beware of “creative financing” strategies.
No Contract Reassignment Never. This can delay or cancel closings.
Legally-Reviewed Paperwork Always. Complies with local laws and regulations. Printed from the internet.
Zero Contingencies Zip. None. Nada. Multiple third party “inspections” by “investor partners” and “contractors.”
In-House Closing Yes. Enhances our ability to close quickly. No. This often leads to longer waiting times and rescheduling.
Organized Buying Process Simple and well proven Sometimes.
Sales tactics Low pressure, high respect Coercive and high pressure
Constant communication from offer to closing Always Often no word until closing day, if that day arrives.
Licensed and experienced team members? Our team is made up of fully licensed real estate agents with over 20 combined years of experience! Rarely any professional accolades at all.
Hidden fees None! Watch out for closing costs or “office fees.”
Putting people before profit? Building relationships is first and foremost. Sometimes if you’re lucky.
Discuss a variety of options beyond selling? Yes. We want you to have the best solution for your situation. Rarely.
Intention of making a profit Yes – fully disclosed and never at the expense of the relationship. Yes – rarely disclosed
Option to rent a place to live after selling If we have a suitable unit, you will be eligible to apply to rent. We also share local financial and housing resources. Nope.
Us Them
Guaranteed Closing
Cash to Close
No Contract Reassignment
Legally-Reviewed Paperwork
Zero Contingencies
In-House Closing
Organized Buying Process
No Pressure Sales Tactics
Constant Communication
Licensed & Experienced
No Hidden Fees
People Before Profit
Variety of Options
Disclosed Intention of Profit
Option to Rent After Selling


“I wanted to be done with yard work, snow, and maintenance of the house.

I was fortunate that I had heard from Mitch and decided to go with this company to get it all done . I didn’t have to do much of anything; it was all taken care of.

In the meantime, I was broken into and Mitch right away sent someone to block the door. I’m very happy with the outcome and I have given the company name and phone number to some who asked what I would do now.

I moved to a very nice apartment and all maintenance is done by this [new property management] company. Very relieved. I also appreciated Mitch letting me be there on clean out day to get whatever else I wanted. I was nervous to go back in after the break-ins. Biggest benefit is relief… Done.”

Susan, Seller

“We all know 2020 has been a different kind of year which has led to some roadblocks in the process, but through every step of the way, Sam and Coluzzi Enterprises [Sell Now Iowa’s investor side] have been there with guidance and know how to help me purchase my first property. I can’t imagine using anyone else. Sam is such a rockstar!”

Edward, Investor

Still Have Questions?

How do you guarantee closing?

We guarantee closing on every offer we make. This is easily done because our team gets to know the seller, researches the property, understands current market trends, and has cash ready to close.

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What are the fees?

When you choose to sell your property to us, we will cover the abstract update, title opinion, as well as closing costs. You will be responsible to pay any transfer tax as well as prorated property taxes. Since property taxes are paid a year behind in Iowa. We will need to prorate the current taxes. You will only pay for taxes for the time you owned the property.

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How fast will it close?

Once the offer is accepted and signed, we order the abstract update and a title opinion. If any title defects are found, we work with you to resolve them. Once the title is cleared, we set a closing date and begin preparing the legal closing documents. Closing date is usually 2-4 weeks from the time the offer is signed.

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More Frequently Asked Questions