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Mitch Coluzzi

Founder, Catalyst

Mitch grew up surrounded by residential real estate and construction. He has been a licensed real estate professional for over 10 years. Today, he focuses on improving communities one (or a few) houses at a time. Sell Now Iowa was designed to provide people with an easy solution to their housing headaches. For completed flips, Sell Now Iowa hosts a neighborhood party complete with free food, a bounce house, and good conversation. “It’s a fun way to engage people and remind the team that we do it for the community rather than the dollars,” says Mitch.

With a track record of honest and successful business practices, Mitch has grown into a respected expert in the local market. His largest project was the 21 unit apartment building that was (fully and completely!) remodeled and recently sold to a one-of-a-kind investor who has the local connections to take the building from good to great.

If you’ve met Mitch personally you may have noticed that real estate is both his profession and hobby, but he also enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters (yes, THREE girls!!).

About Us | Sell Now Iowa

Jen Lambert

Chief Operating Officer

Originally from Northwest Indiana, Jen moved to Des Moines 2014 and quickly fell in love with Iowa. After earning a bachelor’s in Marketing (Direct and Interactive track) from Drake University, she began her career at Coluzzi Real Estate. She has had the privilege of watching the team grow and specialize to finally form Sell Now Iowa where she handles company forecasting as well as all things paperwork.

She currently lives near downtown Des Moines with her husband, Jon, and two cats, Stanley and Doug. Stanley was adopted in the traditional manner while Doug was found cold and alone on one of our job sites. Bob rescued him and after a short stint as an office cat, he is now comfortably settled in at Jen’s house.

About Us | Sell Now Iowa

Jake Hibbert

Director of Construction Operations

Jake is a Des Moines native with an expansive social network as well as experience in construction services. He combines these skills to uniquely serve the greater Des Moines community. When you contact Sell Now Iowa, you’ll be sure to meet with Jake for a quick property walk through and discussion about your options.

Jake also works closely with Bob Coluzzi to renovate the houses we purchase. Beyond valuing properties, it’s Jake’s job to coordinate materials and schedule job site projects.

About Us | Sell Now Iowa

Bob Coluzzi

Construction Field Director

Bob manages all things construction and renovation. He spends his days on the job site mentoring crew members, planning projects, running the heavy machinery, and doing any work that needs to be done.

When not on the jobsite, he has a couple of grandkids to keep him busy.

About Us | Sell Now Iowa

Jessica Echterling

Graphics and Office Culture Coordinator

Growing up in a small town with long drive times to the grocery store, Jessica is ecstatic to have settled down in Des Moines where she rarely has to drive more than 15 minutes to get anywhere. As she and Mitch (Yup. She and Mitch are married!) grow their family here, the convenience factor only increases.

Working at Sell Now Iowa gives her the chance to combine her favorite skills which include graphic design, social media, and planning office parties and potlucks.