How to be Successful in Real Estate: Proven Sales Tactics You Need to Know 1

Think about your interactions with salespeople. When you feel like you can trust them–and they offer you a fair deal–you’re more likely to pull the trigger. You’re more likely to say “yes” when you don’t feel like you’re getting played or conned.

Excellent salespeople are friendly. They are genuine and honest and listen to their customers’ needs and wants. They never sacrifice their integrity, even if it means losing a sale.

I don’t know about you, but even if I don’t end up closing a deal (whether it’s a car or house, or something else), I always remember how I get treated. When treated with respect and honesty, I’m more likely to call that salesperson the next time I’m looking to buy.

Though it takes patience and time, putting people before profit is just good business. This is especially true in real estate.

Here at Sell Now Iowa, we focus on people. And we want to let you in on the secrets of the trade! Below are the sales tactics embraced by the most successful real estate companies. Read on to learn how the best real estate investors use proven sales tactics that put people first.

Proven sales tactics for successful real estate investors

Listen to understand.

Most of us aren’t great listeners. When another person is talking, most of us are busy figuring out what we will say or do next.

To understand what people say, stop worrying about what you’re going to say. Focus one hundred percent on the person talking.

When you understand what the other person is saying, you can reflect it back to them. Acknowledging what you hear shows you are listening. It also helps you clarify what the other person means.

Make it about them – not you.

Not only will you figure out what they want and need to close a deal, but you communicate respect. It’s a win-win all around.

Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • How are you?
  • Why are you selling/buying?
  • What would you like to happen?
  • How can I help?

Don’t use a canned sales script.

You’ll find a slew of sales scripts out there on the interwebz. They can be useful for ideas and suggestions. But people pick up on canned, impersonal, high-pressure sales scripts pretty fast.

Instead, be yourself!

Create your own script if you’re anxious about talking with buyers or sellers. Make it personalized and respectful. And leave room for listening and responding to their needs and wants.

Honor other people’s timeline.

Pestering or pressuring people to make decisions gets you nowhere. And pushy real estate investors are less likely to close deals.

No matter who you’re working with—sellers, buyers, or other real estate professionals—honor their timeline. It’s okay to check in with them and ask if there’s anything you can do to help. Maybe they need more information to make their decision. Or perhaps they need more time. Either way, they’re more likely to work with you when you’re patient and kind.

Respect differences of opinion.

You might have a very different idea from the person you’re working with. If you straight up disagree or mock their opinions, you’ll offend them. And if you offend them, they’re more likely to shut down and walk away.

Try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and see things through their eyes. Listen to their problems and their goals. When you understand why they have a different opinion, you’ll be able to empathize and find common ground.

Answer all questions (or be willing to find the answer).

You don’t know everything, and no one expects you to have all the answers. If you come off as if you know it all and are the expert in, well, everything, people will see right through you.

Be humble and admit when you don’t know the answers to people’s questions. But always be willing to seek out the answers and get back to them!

Be willing to help.

Real estate investors are problem solvers. Show a willingness to help out even when it doesn’t benefit you. And if you can’t help, refer them to someone that can. It’s crucial to build a reputation for trustworthiness and authenticity that people remember.

Be honest and transparent.

There’s no reason to keep motivations a secret. Whether you’re buying or selling, you want everyone to benefit, and both sides get a fair deal. There’s no reason to be dishonest. People are more likely to trust you when you are straight up with them.

Present all the options.

You can’t force a square peg through a round hole. Sometimes there are better solutions for someone than closing a deal with you.

Be willing to provide multiple options to people you work with – even those that don’t benefit you. Sure, you might lose a deal, but you’ll keep your integrity and build relationships in the process.

Always do what you say.

Having integrity means you follow through on your promises and commitments. Integrity is one of the cornerstones of building a successful real estate business. Say what you’ll do and do what you say.

Put people first. Always.

It’s the golden rule: treat the people you work with as you wish to be treated. Put yourself in their shoes and see things from their perspective.

Putting people first yields the best long-term benefits, financial and otherwise. When you’re willing to give up potential gains for others’ best interests, people notice.

Be the real estate investor people remember.

All these sales tactics represent integrity. In real estate, as in life, integrity is an essential key to success. Without integrity, many businesses fail.

So, what makes a successful real estate investor? Become known as an honest, genuine, reputable professional that people remember.