4 Situations That Could Force You to Sell Your Home in Des Moines 1

Your house is more than just a valuable asset. It’s also your home, a place where you spend a lot of time and build memories. You don’t expect to have to suddenly sell it, but it can happen in some unfortunate situations.

Here are four of the instances where you might have to sell your home, and what to do if you’re facing them.

1. Divorce

What happens with your home during a divorce can depend on your individual situation. Having to sell it is common if the two of you can’t agree on its value, or if you don’t have enough money to buy out your spouse’s interest in it.

If you end up having a settlement agreement, you might have to sell your house, so you have access to the proceeds right away. When you’re looking to sell your house fast in Des Moines, give Sell Now Iowa a call at 515-531-2274. Our experienced team of professionals will give you a 100% cash offer within 24 hours and zero contingencies at closing, helping you get on with your life faster.

Sometimes you can work out a deal that will let one of you keep the home. This can include:

  • Buying out your spouse’s half, which requires adequate resources. You can do this through several ways, including cashing in equity, refinancing or taking out a second mortgage.
  • Co-owning the home and selling it later.

We recommend talking with your attorney and your mortgage company to determine the best solution for your unique circumstances.

2. Underwater Mortgage

When you own a home, you’ll want to build equity as your home becomes more valuable over time. But if you have an underwater or upside-down mortgage, that means you owe more to the bank than your home is worth. This makes it more difficult to be at a financial advantage if you want to refinance or sell your home soon.

Your lender might agree to a short sale if you’ve fallen behind on mortgage payments or need to move. This sale forgives the difference between what your home sells for and the balance of your outstanding mortgage loan. But this should be viewed as a last resort because it drastically impacts your credit. It could also affect your ability to buy another home in the future.

If you can, you should keep making payments and sell your home later, when the market improves. If you’re having trouble keeping up with payments and don’t want to do a short sale, give Sell Now Iowa a call at 515-531-2274. We buy houses in Des Moines!

After meeting with our team of experienced homebuying professionals, you’ll get a cash offer within 24 hours. Your closing is guaranteed with zero contingencies so you can get your home sold fast.

3. Death

Coping with the loss of a loved one is difficult enough. When it’s a spouse, it can be even more devastating if you’re not financially prepared. If you can’t afford your home anymore, you’ll have to sell it.

Dealing with the death of a parent can also be overwhelming, especially if their home needs to be sold quickly to settle bills for care. That timeline can be complicated if the house can’t be sold in its current state because it needs significant repairs before going on the market.

Sell Now Iowa can help lighten your load with our simple home-selling process. All you need to do is give us a call at 515-531-2274 and our professionals will take it from there. We’ll meet with you at a convenient time to learn more about your property.

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4. Court Judgment

Being involved in a civil court case is stressful enough. It’s even more taxing when there’s a settlement that’s not in your favor. To ensure that settlement gets paid, a property lien can be filed against your home. And that might force you to sell the home to pay your debt.

If you need to sell your house for cash in Des Moines, the home-buying specialists at Sell Now Iowa can help you. From our initial no-pressure, no-obligation meeting to cash offer and finalized sale, we’ll be with you every step of the way to make the process as simple and fast as possible. Give us a call at 515-531-2274 or send us a message online to request an appointment today.