A Whole New Layout - Adding a Bedroom | Sell Now Iowa™

The Beginning

The Woodland Heights neighborhood is brimming with homes undergoing updating, clean up, and full blown renovations. This project by Sell Now Iowa / Coluzzi Construction was no different. This home began as a 2 bed / 1 bath with dingy white stucco and  green accents. Wood paneling dominated the interior. The bathroom had a clunky and cramped layout and let’s not even get started on the flooring! On a positive note, the home’s many windows gave way to a bright atmosphere. The pictures here show a lot, but walk through the “before” yourself with our 3D virtual tour.

Unkempt front yard sell now iowa

ugly green kitchen with tacky layout sell now iowa

too much paneling on the walls sell now iowa

yucky bathroom

icky tub kit shower

During Construction

This Des Moines home called for a full-scale remodel. That meant completely gutting it down to the studs. Our architect took the liberty of moving walls to create a more open kitchen layout We even found space for a third bedroom AND moved the laundry room to the main floor. No more teetering up and down old basement stairs with a huge laundry basket. That’s just asking for a broken ankle.

But we couldn’t stop at the interior… After ripping off the exterior stucco, colorful and unique boards were uncovered. How cool is that?!

Walk around the project in progress with our virtual tour. Challenge yourself to find the hidden acorn if you need some more entertainment!

studs-only view from living room

studs-only view of kitchen

studs-only view to front door

The Finished Product

Check out the virtual tour of the finished home complete with staging furniture fresh new features! With some rearranging, the bathroom is no longer hidden and there are three gorgeous bedrooms.

curb appeal after remodeling by sell now iowa

living room after renovations by sell now iowa

dinging area after renovations by sell now iowa

kitchen after renovations by sell now iowa

A Whole New Layout - Adding a Bedroom | Sell Now Iowa™

A Whole New Layout - Adding a Bedroom | Sell Now Iowa™